Please, We All Need Your Help…

As a 15 Year Second Generation Member of Heat & Frost Insulators Local #1, & 33 years on this Earth, Life and My Family Have Taught Me to Make My Own Opinions About What’s Right & Whats Wrong. America & Unions Need To Work Together. We Need to Start a Campaign to Get America Working Again, For Real. America Needs to Show the World We Have Jobs That Make Quality Things & Provide Quality Services. The Only Way To Convince People Is Through Mass Media, News, Radio, Movies, Games, Internet, Anywhere People Look to form Their Own Opinions. If You Are Honest & Sincere People Will Listen, Show People What is Morally Right & They Can’t Argue With It. If We Work Together & Invest in Our Country & It’s People, We Can Remind The World of What The Idea Of The United States of America Was & Still Is. People Live There Lives In a Way to Get Into Heaven, Well If We Through Out Our Ego’s & Agree To Work Together We Can, Make Heaven A Place On Earth. We Wouldn’t Have a Need for Laws That Trick People Into Losing Their Right To Bargain, Right To Speak Up, Right To A Fair Wage, Right To Good Health Care, Right To A Good Retirement, Right To Live A Quality Life With Your Loved Ones. The Pie and This Country Is Big Enough for All of Its Citizens, We Have To Take Away The Argument Against Us Working Together, Without Greed and Self Interest’s, Because We All Are The Same, We All Have A Blood Pumping Heart & We Can Make It Work If We Don’t Except Any Less, Only Then Will We All Win.


Who the Hell Does This Guy Think He Is?

My Name, Terrence Mohr. My Game, Thermal Retention Engineer/Writer. My Life, @MyTymohr on Twitter, Terrence Mohr on Facebook & LinkedIn,, MyTymohr on Instagram and Tumbler.

I am a Husband, Father, Engineer, Student, Teacher, Polymath, Artist, Scholar, & an Eternal Searcher of Knowledge. I figured out life, it took some time, but I finally did it. You can’t put a price on Happiness, so make that shit work, or get into a new game. I for one like making shit work when others say it won’t, so if you want to know what I’ve got going on, you’ll find me diligently looking for solutions to problems in my life & the lives of my loved ones. Thank you & God Bless. ö¿ö