List of Skills That I Have At Least 10,000 Hours of Practice In.

This list is always going to grow. At least until I die, anyway. So, as I take a stock of my arsenal, I’ll share it with you.

1.Reading-god knows how many hours. Since I’ve learned to read, I’ve loved to.

2.Researching technology- I’m talking about the paper kind google didn’t come out until the late 90’s. I was hooked at age 6 in 1986, when we got our first computer, an IBM 286

3-Assembling and Disassembling Technology- We got a top of the line computer in 1986, and upgraded it regularly, thanks to my Mom’s job.

4.Problem Solving- everything from staying out of fights, to diagnosing technology problems.

5. Industrial and Commercial insulation- started when I was 18 in 1998.

6. Researching all kinds of knowledge that fascinates me.

7. Social interactions- I’ve had more fake friends than real ones, over the years, over time you start to see fake people coming from a mile away.

8. Not listening to my conscience- this ones a biggie. I have probably more time in this than most. But, thank God I finally started to listen. If you screw up enough you learn how not to screw up.

9. Listening to my conscience- hey, don’t get the wrong idea I did listen enough to get my 10,000 hrs there’s just more hours of me not listening.

10. Using my talents to get what I want- this one sounds conceded but it’s not. I have always been able to get what I want, but only if I applied myself.

I will add more to this list later. You try coming up with your own. See what your made of.


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