My open invitation to Google

I am an avid bike trail rider. One of the bike paths in Decatur IL is an old train track route. It starts at the Macon county conservation district, and ends at Milliken University, I think it’s about 5 miles. There is an off shoot that goes for another, what looks like 10 miles. I am a husband, and a father of three, and my family and I love, nature walks, running, and biking, on the awesome public trails this great country has to offer.

I’m a 15 year, skilled Tradesman that’s built like a tank. I want to document the Google Street View, of the bike trails in my part of the country. I can get you some of the most beautiful footage of the US that you’ve ever seen. If you let me, I will film the bike paths that are just in need of, man hours put in on. We can both benefit from my hard work, and perseverance.

I am a natural engineer, it’s one of my many talents. There isn’t anything I can’t figure out, given the proper resources. If there is a project that is in need of diligence and man hours put in, I’m the guy that you can’t afford to pass upon.

I posses, not just the intelligence to learn and discover many new and great things, but I also posses the common sense, and perseverance, that is needed to implement real world solutions with that intelligence.

As you know, most of the time, common sense, and intelligence, used together, is all that’s needed to solve problems, that many struggle with but shouldn’t. Not utilizing every tool at your disposal is not only a waist of resources, but it’s a disservice to you and your team.

I have the ambition and fortitude of a young John D. Rockefeller and or Bill Gates. I posses a natural positive energy that seems to be endless. My greatest asset is time and opportunity. A Mind like mine, is a rare and precious gift, and I don’t plan on waisting it. I would love to contribute to your team of outliers on their quest for knowledge.

I will never stop pursuing ideas to make this world a better place to live in. I do hope that you take this opportunity to be the first, to collaborate with me, on my path of making lives better, one great idea at a time.

Thank you, I can’t wait to meet the great minds that are behind the epic idea of Google. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, down my path of Success. Get to know me a little better on my blog at

Prosperous ideas and wishes to you and yours,
Terence Mohr


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