List of Skills That I Have At Least 10,000 Hours of Practice In.

This list is always going to grow. At least until I die, anyway. So, as I take a stock of my arsenal, I’ll share it with you.

1.Reading-god knows how many hours. Since I’ve learned to read, I’ve loved to.

2.Researching technology- I’m talking about the paper kind google didn’t come out until the late 90’s. I was hooked at age 6 in 1986, when we got our first computer, an IBM 286

3-Assembling and Disassembling Technology- We got a top of the line computer in 1986, and upgraded it regularly, thanks to my Mom’s job.

4.Problem Solving- everything from staying out of fights, to diagnosing technology problems.

5. Industrial and Commercial insulation- started when I was 18 in 1998.

6. Researching all kinds of knowledge that fascinates me.

7. Social interactions- I’ve had more fake friends than real ones, over the years, over time you start to see fake people coming from a mile away.

8. Not listening to my conscience- this ones a biggie. I have probably more time in this than most. But, thank God I finally started to listen. If you screw up enough you learn how not to screw up.

9. Listening to my conscience- hey, don’t get the wrong idea I did listen enough to get my 10,000 hrs there’s just more hours of me not listening.

10. Using my talents to get what I want- this one sounds conceded but it’s not. I have always been able to get what I want, but only if I applied myself.

I will add more to this list later. You try coming up with your own. See what your made of.


Young Game Changer

I can let you reach millions, by expressing your message for you. I am definitely a guy who knows what people want. I have an eternal flame of positive energy burning in me, and the common sense to use the knowledge I’ve gained to help me discover and grow. I will accomplish more than the average. I believe the word is “Outlier”.

It will take me 20hrs. of hard work and dedication to learn a new skill, I will spend every hour after that making it Great. look at @mytymohr on twitter, and Terrence Mohr on LinkedIn.

Your time won’t be wasted. I promise.

A little Bit About, Terrence Patrick Mohr

Hello, I am 33 year old, Union Tradesman/Engineer/Writer/Entrepreneur, with a wife and 3 kids ages 15, 11, and 8. I have a story to tell about myself, and My Life. This story is a good one, so get comfy. It wasn’t easy living it, but it was interesting. I know some people can relate, but thank God, that most can’t, and don’t want too anyway, for that matter. The best part is what I’ve learned from all the mistakes that I’ve made over the years.

Let me go back to when I was a kid. The shit I’ve seen growing up in North St. Louis and Decatur IL has been crazy. All of my trials and tribulations definitely would have broken the weak hearted. I was one of a handful of white kids in the whole elementary school and it was brutal. I was jumped and beat up, on a regular basis. Just for being the white boy. It couldn’t just be one on one. No, in the hood, kids love, a good jumping. The more kids you could get, to beat up one kid, the better. You learn to fight quick, in that environment, or you get your ass handed to you, regularly, until you figure it out.

A crazy thing, that happened to me when I was 6 was, my brother and I lost our virginity’s to a black girl named “Jane Doe”. She was a couple of years older than me and was in my brothers class. “Jane Doe”, was DTF. She made us go down on her and have sex with her just like we were adults. She also loved, to do the same to us. Our grandma used to catch us and scream at us to stop. But we wouldn’t. This happened multiple times. She was, and I know she still has to be, a hottie. I didn’t know it then, but she must have been abused, because she knew way to much about sex, for an 8 or 9 year old. And taught us everything she new, God love her. Out of all the bad parts of my childhood that I can remember, this wasn’t so bad. One lasting effect of this is, I want screw my wife like 3 times a day, 4 on Saturdays, poor girl.

In Jr. High I moved to Decatur IL, and met a group of guys that taught me
Some skills, how to be a street entrepreneur and go get what you want cause no ones giving it to you . My Guys and I sold dope and smoked weed all day. We called it grinding.

I did this during seventh grade and didn’t go to school for 4 months of eighth grade. I would take the letters sent home in the mail, and act like I was at school everyday.

Eventually the police came looking for me. After four months of walking to the bus stop and then continuing on to the block or wherever my guys were parlaying, the police came-a-knockin. It was a very interesting time for me.

Decatur IL let me hone the art of hustling and street fighting. My buddies would go to every length possible to let you know, if you were a punk or not. We would fight each other at the drop of a hat, but only until the loser gave up. We were even quicker, to fight anyone that we didn’t know, or like.

One of our favorite things to do, was to go around punching each other in the nuts, or chest, when you weren’t expecting it. Or knocking each other out, by sneaking up behind somebody and applying the sleeper hold, like a fucking Ninja.

This was all funny, until a guy had a seizure and needed stitches from a sleeper hold gone bad. It happened at a packed pizza joint by the high school. He didn’t get laid down right, he got dropped on his head, and started convulsing. First they were all laughing, then they were all running away, nobody wanted to get implicated.

We also loved giving ourselves Tattoo’s, by lighting, lighters until the point they were red hot, and then Ninja style, leave a nice “A” shaped burn on each other. Hopefully in the most noticeable spot possible. I got my one guy in the back of the neck. He is black so it was a nice big pink scar of an “A” on his neck for a while.

I can’t tell you how many wrestling and slap boxing matches I was in with my pals. We would shoot dice for push-ups and sets of bench presses.

I used to fight one of my toughest pals all the time, and get my ass whipped, but I wouldn’t give up, I would keep coming back for more. When I finally had enough that day, I would vent my anger of losing, on the pal, who’s ass, I could whip. This environment, is a brutal way to learn lessons that, can’t be taught, these kind of lessons have to be experienced, to learn them.

If I could change anything it would be, “the not applying my talents” back then. Just a little bit of hard work, in your teenage and early twenties, can go a long way, later in life.

It all came to a head eventually, and I finally had to lay in the bed I had made for myself. I got locked up for 4 days in juvenile detention. The Prosecutor wanted me to do a year. But they ended up putting me into lock down in these million dollar cottages, way out in the sticks, in St. James Missouri. It was a juvenile detention for ages 4-21, called Boys and Girls Town,

I got out of juvenile detention because my old man convinced the judge Boys town was the way to go. After six months of some discipline, taking care of horses, some very unneeded lessons in juvenile restrainment, a 100 mile horse ride(during which I got laid) to the arch in downtown St. Louis, and some self evaluations, I was released against their wishes. Apparently our insurance carrier knew better. And the court said ok also.

I moved back to St. Lou and at 14 years old in 1994, I went to work as a dishwasher/pizza maker, and also went back to school. After, some minor, and some major, details later, At 16 in 1996, I got kicked out of Lutheran North high school because I got caught with an ounce of pot on campus. Thank God I sold a dime out of it, because that made it a dime bag short of a felony, which meant, a year unsupervised probation. I got my GED a couple of months later, and started my short lived college career.

At 16 years old I was enrolled in the fall semester at Florissant Valley Community College. But working, selling drugs, getting pussy, and the eventual meeting of my Wife took precedent. She got pregnant and I had my first kid 5 days before my 18th birthday in October of 1998.

I didn’t forget to tell you all the stories of selling dope, or about the robberies of dope dealers, being robbed by dope dealers, being shot at, or other crazy but interesting stuff I can’t talk about here. It was pure mayhem from 1992 to 1998. Those stories are for a different time. And I will tell them one day, with the name’s of the innocent protected of course.

Most of my old associates that weren’t smart enough to get out of the game, are either locked up or killed, some are surviving, if you can call it that. Some made it, and are doing great, but not many. Some are doing, Ghetto Fabulous and loving life! What My guys and I saw as a minors, would shock an Iraq/Afghanistan vet, let alone an average everyday square.

Thank God I figured this shit out, young enough, to make a difference, in the lives that I am responsible for, that’s all I can say. These stories were valuable lessons, that only living your life this way, can teach you. I can’t change them and don’t think I would if I could, so I might as well learn from them and apply that knowledge.

The only solid things in my life have been my Family and my Union. It’s been a crazy life that I’ve lived these past 15 years, since my first job with local 1. It was on the Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis. I got a real job at 18 because, I just had my first kid, and I had to be a good Father. Thankfully my Father has been a member of the St. Louis Pipecover’s Union, since the sixties, Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers Local # 1 St. Louis MO. I have, and I will always protect my Wife and Children, and my Union, until the day I die.

My grandfather’s name was Jasper Palazzolo. His relatives, are Listed in the book “Gangs of St. Louis, Men of Respect” by Daniel Waugh. It was a time when, Men carried a certain amount of class, with them, and took care of Business like robber barons of the street. Those Men, made the trade Unions in St. Louis, and Men like them did the same all over America. Those Men, knew how to operate, they just didn’t know how to share. If you can’t take care of your Brother Members for our own common good, your not going to last very long, in my world anyway. I know it can be done, with everyone’s interests taken care of, and no loss of class, or morals.

I was working in Chicago for almost a year before they laid me off. Thank God, I was ready to come home. Don’t get me wrong Chicago is a great town, and the Brother members of local 17 treated me great, like I was at home.

While I was up there, I got to learn more about some of the guys that my family did business with in the past. Alphonse Palazzolo, was not a force to be reckoned with, in his day. It took a death squad to kill him, not one, but several men ambushed and murdered the man that was feared by many on the mean streets of North St. Louis. He was the reason people paid the protection money, shop owners and business men were scared shitless of Palazzolo. Just think if he would of used all of that energy, in a positive way to unite his brothers to do some good, for all instead of one.

The shit I’ve seen and heard up in ChIraq, would shock the hell out of you. My family story aside, that town is a war zone, with lots of money to be made. There is an UnGodly amount of honest and illicit, money to be made up there, but, they can have it, for now…..

I will be just fine honing my craft and making some of that, ton of honest money, that’s begging you to come and get it, right here in good old St. Lou. And besides, who can afford to make a bunch of illicit money now-a-days, when there’s so much honest money screaming to be had by everyone?

I could get into a lot more about what’s going on with me now. But I don’t want to bore you. I have become a square with a purpose, to show my kids what hard work and perseverance can get you, and how to find what it is, that they were put on this Earth to do. It’s a tough thing to learn about yourself and I’m up to the task of helping them find their path.

I wouldn’t go back to my life before 2008 for any amount of money in the world. My kids deserve better than me waisting my God given Talents. And I don’t plan on letting them down.

They deserve to have that voice in their ears, telling them all the possibilities, that are available to them in this world, as long as they do it right. They deserve to have someone, showing them what bad can, and will happen, if they do it, the wrong way. Someone has to show them what greatness, can come from them, with very little effort, just doing what they love to do.

I have to be the one that shows them the beauty that this world has to offer. How great life can be if it’s done right. It’s not as hard as I thought it was, back then. When they say, I wish I would of known then, what I know now. They aren’t lying. With just a little bit of work, now, you can do, or be anything you want to be, for the rest of your life. You won’t have to struggle, and feel like you’ve waisted your talent anymore. It’s never to late, ladies and Gentlemen, keep striving to Live, Love, Learn, & be happy!

My open invitation to Google

I am an avid bike trail rider. One of the bike paths in Decatur IL is an old train track route. It starts at the Macon county conservation district, and ends at Milliken University, I think it’s about 5 miles. There is an off shoot that goes for another, what looks like 10 miles. I am a husband, and a father of three, and my family and I love, nature walks, running, and biking, on the awesome public trails this great country has to offer.

I’m a 15 year, skilled Tradesman that’s built like a tank. I want to document the Google Street View, of the bike trails in my part of the country. I can get you some of the most beautiful footage of the US that you’ve ever seen. If you let me, I will film the bike paths that are just in need of, man hours put in on. We can both benefit from my hard work, and perseverance.

I am a natural engineer, it’s one of my many talents. There isn’t anything I can’t figure out, given the proper resources. If there is a project that is in need of diligence and man hours put in, I’m the guy that you can’t afford to pass upon.

I posses, not just the intelligence to learn and discover many new and great things, but I also posses the common sense, and perseverance, that is needed to implement real world solutions with that intelligence.

As you know, most of the time, common sense, and intelligence, used together, is all that’s needed to solve problems, that many struggle with but shouldn’t. Not utilizing every tool at your disposal is not only a waist of resources, but it’s a disservice to you and your team.

I have the ambition and fortitude of a young John D. Rockefeller and or Bill Gates. I posses a natural positive energy that seems to be endless. My greatest asset is time and opportunity. A Mind like mine, is a rare and precious gift, and I don’t plan on waisting it. I would love to contribute to your team of outliers on their quest for knowledge.

I will never stop pursuing ideas to make this world a better place to live in. I do hope that you take this opportunity to be the first, to collaborate with me, on my path of making lives better, one great idea at a time.

Thank you, I can’t wait to meet the great minds that are behind the epic idea of Google. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, down my path of Success. Get to know me a little better on my blog at

Prosperous ideas and wishes to you and yours,
Terence Mohr

I’m a Lover Not a Fighter.

Don’t get any bright ideas. F.Y.I., that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to fight, or that I won’t beat the living shit out of someone that deserves it, or go down trying in the attempt. It just means, it’s only when provoked. I grew up in a town called Normandy in North St. Louis County. With a couple of years in Decatur IL. Normandy meets the boundary line of North St. Louis City. NoCo and North St. Louis City are like any other big cities, they can be pretty rough places to grow up in.

The first fight that I can remember, was when I was 4 or 5 years old. My brother and I were playing with a friend, when some older kids from the city, a few blocks away, were walking through the neighborhood. They saw, two white kids playing with a black kid and decided to whip the living shit out of us. What fond memories!

This would come to be the scenario that played out for years to come while growing up in a neighborhood where white people were the minority. Eventually, I won some of the fights, I would of won more if their were more people on my team, but it was just my brother and I. The ones I did win, were because I had to learn how to take pain a little different then most kids.

My father liked to drink and I think his kids were more of a burden to him than anything else so, he loved to beat the shit out of us also,when we were screwing up. We were some pretty bad kids. But there’s nothing like coming home from getting your ass whipped by right kids older than you to take another ass whipping for god knows what. I started acting out, sought any attention I could get. I tried to be the class clown. It feels good to make others laugh. I just didn’t know that there are appropriate times to make people laugh, and very inappropriate times to make people laugh. Who knew?

I learned very young, when people are laughing because of something you did or said, they aren’t trying to beat the shit out of you, for just being there. Over all I’ve talked my way out of more fights than I been in, and that’s a lot, because, I can’t tell you, how many times I’ve had to fight over the years. Especially for a guy who doesn’t go looking for fights.

Normandy is a pretty tough school district with kids from some rough neighborhoods. We walked to and from school everyday and the walk home was usually a race. I don’t want it to sound like I fought every day. But it felt like it, at least until fifth and sixth grade. Then Junior high started it all over again. The kids that lived closer to the city had to walk my way to get home. So until they got to know me, it was, let’s beat up the white boy. Yeah! What fun, 8 on 1 is always great!

Did you know, pain is an electrical impulse sent to the brain, to tell you, your body it is in imminent danger, and you need to do something about it. To turn that impulse off, it took me years of getting into fights and getting my ass whipped by my old man to figure out, its up to you to decide if you want to acknowledge the pain or not. And guess what, when you turn it off, you can think much clearer than when you let pain and fear take hold. If you can think clear you can assess the situation and respond a whole lot better than you can when your worrying about how much pain your in.

One time, I had just gotten jumped by a bunch of kids. I got beat up pretty bad, so I was crying. I thought, your pitiful, so I made myself stop crying and smile. Then I made myself laugh. If there was a camera filming at that moment it would of been the craziest thing you’ve ever seen. This 10 year old boy crying his eyes out, then he instantly stop’s crying, starts to smile, and then starts laughing. Crazy, I tell you.

You see, I had to find out, it’s up to you to let go of any feelings you don’t want to feel. If I can turn off the pain emotion, why not other emotions as well. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it can be done. By letting go of the feelings you don’t want, you are free to feel and do anything at all. Within reason, that is.

You can’t just ignore your problems though. The only way you can ignore emotions that you don’t want to have, is if you deal with the problem that’s causing these emotions in the first place. The bad emotions you feel I think just like the pain signal that’s sent to warn you that something bad is going to happen if you continue to do what you are doing. Fix the problem and the repercussions of the problem will go away.

You have to find what it is that makes you tick. Make a self evaluation, so you can find what strengths you have. Then you can take those strengths and apply them to anything you want. Instead of waisting your time and energy on negativity. You could be spending it, making a masterpiece or learning a new skill, if your not artistic, maybe one that can make your family’s life a little better.

The moral of the story is it’s so much better for everybody if you can solve your problem without violence. But their are some assholes in this world that just can’t figure that out. So, if your ever in a fight that you can’t prevent, you have no choice but to defend yourself. If you know what your doing, you can stop the threat to your person, by letting go of fear and pain.

The sky’s the limit at what can happen if you can control all of your emotions.
You can make many great things happen for yourself, if you just get out of your own way. Stop yourself from thinking about negative thoughts that are out of your control. Work on the things you can change to better yourself. When you have to deal with a problem deal with it. Don’t dwell on it, change what needs to be changed and move on. It’s rough out there, do you want to spend all your time and energy feeling sorry for yourself or do you want to spend it doing something that you love to do.

I for one, don’t want to spend another moment thinking about negative shit. So please, with peace and love, if you’ve got nothing but negative for me, save it…. Please!….I don’t want to talk about anything but positive things, that are going to make my life and others better. Spending your time thinking about things that are going to make me and others happy, can’t be wrong. You start to find yourself looking for ideas to make your life better, instead of feeling sorry for yourself all the time. All it takes is to stop holding on to the negative thoughts and feelings. Get rid of them by talking, writing, singing, whatever way you have to, just get rid of them.

I learned a lot from where and how I grew up. I didn’t know it at the time, but I see it now. To name a couple, Black People can be as racist as White People can. We are who we are because of the way we are raised. No matter your color of skin. If you were raised well, usually, your going to do well. How in the hell does it help anybody, to hate someone you don’t know. Sure you can be cautious of someone because of your past experiences. But don’t ever judge someone until you get to know them. It’s easier, to not put yourself in the position to get screwed, than to think everyone’s going to screw you, no matter what their skin color is. It takes up to much valuable time and energy to hate people.

The problem is people don’t have time to get to know new people, so they go off of their instincts. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. If you stop worrying about how others see you, and start bettering yourself, you won’t have to worry about how good of an impression you made, because people will see all of the good things in you, without you having to tell them. Your talents will shine forth, if you let them.

You are who you surround yourself with. If you look around and see people that are successful, you are in the right group. If not, get the hell out! For your own sake, find like mined, intelligent people that are doing good in this world. You can’t put a price on happiness. No matter the cost, you can, take the hit. It’s so much better to be happy than miserable. And who want’s to be happy alone? So find some good people to share your time with. Who knows what can come of it. I’m a firm believer of, if you put enough good minds in a room together, any number of great things can happen. All without having to beat the shit out of somebody, Hopefully!

“Labor Unions” by Jurwan Rhodes (a non-union welder for over 5 years)

Labor Unions

Labor unions were started in America to give workers a unified voice against management that would have weight. Until its inception employers could discriminate between employees, work employees long Hours, terminate employment without just cause among other things. As unions began to take root, employers began to feel the power of solidarity and the impact that tools such as organized strikes and pickets could have on their production, bottom Line, and public image.

Over the years many unions evolved into organizations that had an impact not only on individual companies but industries as a whole. With more bargaining power the unions were able to seek, and in most cases secure benefit packages for union workers that were envied by many, and despised by those who had to agree to them. The unions helped create a middle class, that could afford to send their kids to college, buy nice homes, and save for their retirements.

The unions at the same time created an atmosphere, in some instances where, little could be done to rectify problems with sub-par employees, who used union representation as their scapegoat. It also creates a work place where many different levels of, work ability, actual work, and work ethics were all rewarded with the same compensation. The greatest blow to unions, was when president Reagan ordered airline workers back to work. That decisive action started a movement against unions that has led to, lower paying jobs, Replacement jobs, and unions that no longer demand worker rights, equality, and an opportunity for a brighter future, but ask nicely, concede, and take what they can get.

In my experience it seems like the unions of my generations are “fighting” to keep what they can, are paying more for health care, are working under two and three tiers of pay, and have little say in much more than progressive discipline. Truth be told the unions of today are a far cry from the “teamsters” of yesteryear’s. What we have now in most case is an extension of corporate human resource management.

By: Jurwan Rhodes

Introduction to Business


Schools In America must be stopped!

I think the Public School system is in need of a major change. Throw out the old way of teaching, Please! So we can get back to building and creating things again. And get away from focusing on industry workforce in consumer products and services.

Don’t get me wrong, an American education is a very coveted thing. But, The problem is, it’s set up for achievers. You have to want to learn at the curriculum’s pace to get an education in our Public School System. That’s great for most kids, but not all. The rest settle for the bare minimum.

Everyone of our lives in America, is tailored to the American Dream. Even in the ghetto, where most kids have to just figure it out on there own. Part of that dream is, if you work hard, you will make something of yourself. To many kids in the public school systems, now-a-days, could care less about the education that has been taught the same way for years.

If you have a child that does care, and is more advanced than the other children in the room. Get that kid into a classroom with other kids of like mind. Don’t put any limits on the amount of knowledge that a kid wants to learn. If you put enough talent into a room with the right resources, greatness can be achieved.

Not everyone is cut out for greatness though, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to feed their family as well as the next person. Teach these people a trade so they can be successful also.

A person has to decide what they want from life on their own. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. So just make sure they have a flavor of knowledge for every taste.

Offer the ability to learn as much, and as fast, as they can, about a field of study that will help this world, and whatever fascinates them. You would be amazed at the amount of talent you would find out there. If these tools are available to kids at four years old, by the time they are 16 they will be starting college.

You could use funds already in place to develop a coalition of multiple Universities, working together to come up with a new way to teach our youth. Include Ideas that work and get rid of ideas that don’t. By the time a kid reaches college level they will be well on the path of their chosen field and can now focus solely on honing their craft with others of like mind.

Make teaching as fun as playing xbox, and We’ll be turning out Warren Buffet’s and John D Rockefeller’s in no time. And we are in desperate need of some more Great Men like these.

There is a place for everyone in this world, let the student decide for themselves what they are capable of. That way, no one’s talents are held back. And we get, a giant talent pool.

It needs to be a requirement in America, that you have to contribute to something in life, no one should be able to settle for less. To many kids in the public school systems, now-a-days, could care less about the education that has been taught the same way for years.

You have to be challenging them daily also. What’s wrong with being prepared for the unexpected. And create some damn competition. Competition can be good, if it’s directed positively. Put up a leaderboard like “call of duty” and I bet you start seeing what a kid can do. Everyone can learn about something they are interested in

Part of the curriculum should also be what it takes to survive out here today. Everything it takes to be a productive happy Adult in this world. They should be taught how to find out what talents they posses, at a young age, and how to use those talents to be successful.

You could use funds already in place to develop a coalition of multiple Universities, working together to come up with a new way to teach our youth. Include Ideas that work and get rid of ideas that don’t. By the time a kid reaches college level they will be well on the path of their chosen field and can now focus solely on honing their craft with others of like mind.

Who knows what a kid can do if you give them enough opportunity and resources to be anything they want and learn about it at their pace. There is a place for everyone in this world, let the student decide for themselves what they are capable of. That way, no kid is left behind, for real this time.