Why people should stop using antibacterial soap.

hand-soapHello, I am here to tell you that you are harming yourself when you use to much antibacterial soap. If you look at the science of how soap works without all the extra bacteria killing agents it proves that all you need is just plain soap maybe with some extra moisturizers. Check out the chemistry here…


Soap in easy to understand¬† terms attaches to everything when wet and its slippery so it will let moister penetrate where it couldn’t before. With proper scrubbing you can get all dead skin and bacteria off without killing the good bacteria on your body. People used to scrape off the dirt with powders that attached to dirt and bacteria it works dry or wet. So if you wash regularly and save the antibacterial soap for the major times like, raw chicken handling i.e. “Salmonella poisoning” , you will be ok….. Stay clean my friends!

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