My Stern show email.

Hello, I’ve been a fan Since I’m 16. The year, 1996. I know the shows history and listen weekly. I Think the Stern show needs a blog of how each person feels whenever they’ve got something to say. Their should be a blog about the Stern Show, It’s an Epic piece of history. For me, it helps a 33 year old dad get a laugh at this fucked up world we live in. It’s good to see what hard work and perseverance can get you. It can get you half a Billion Dollar paydays ,that’s what! So in conclusion, Gentlemen I want to see a blog about what each member of the shown thinks about being  apart of the group that’s making history, on a truly magical show that touches many people.

P.S.To Mr. Stern, I like the interviews with Outliers that’s your greatest asset. Getting to talk to Great Men and Women of our time. It lets a guy like me see that to be Great in this world all you have to do is find what you love, then do it to the best of your ability. Thank you for your time.

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