My Mid-Life Crisis

I have been a Union Insulator for 15 years now and I make great money applying my craft to the fullest of my abilities . What I love the most is the engineering side of my job and Some of the people I work with very much. But, and It’s a big but, I want to be a writer.

I have been a “read for knowledge” type of person since I was a kid. We got our first computer, a top of the line IBM 386 business computer from my Moms work in 1986. I was 6 years old, by 8, I was installing more ram, a new hard drive, & a modem, over the phone with the IT head at the St. Louis branch of the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Ever since, I have researched technology and leaders of industry like a fiend. I started with magazines, papers, and books and evolved to the internet. Now I read blogs and websites on new exciting Industries and the ever evolving, old exciting Industries, foreign and domestic. I have always loved to search for new and mind blowing things that will make this world a better place. I read the blogs of the people that are out there in this world doing all sorts of Great things, in all sorts of Great places. They’re just trying to Better the world, by thinking and applying themselves to what interests them.

I have been laid off since Christmas and I have not been idle, I research and write everyday. I search for Technology, Industry, Business, Design, Engineering, Science, History and anything else that fascinates me on web sites like Stumbleupon, WordPress, & Tumblr, along with custom search strings on Google. I do this because, I feel like knowledge completes me and I think others feel the same way I do.

So why not read what other intelligent people have to say about what they’re going through. If I am so content, reading and writing about things that will make this world a better place, then why not do it for a living so that I can do it all the time. We only have a short time to make a difference, why waste it? Do what you love…… It’s a crazy world out there and I think it can only get better if people with talent don’t squander it. I look at life as a big series of problems that are begging to be solved. All you can do is use your abilities pooled with others of like mind, to solve them one good idea at a time.

I recently wrote Warren Buffet a letter asking his advice on what a guy with my abilities should do for a second job, that I can do in between projects. I got a response saying, “He doesn’t have time to respond to requests”, That’s because he’s busy doing what he loves, researching companies. I didn’t find that out until after I read his new autobiography “Snowball”. I probably should have read the book before I wrote him, He thinks new Tech is very risky.  Well, Mr. Buffet I think I’ve found out what I want to do. I want to write about my quest for knowledge while I raise my children to find what they love in life, and help them along their path to attain that knowledge! That’s all for now, Be Smart and Be Safe!

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