I don’t think there is anything more important than being a parent.

I have three great Kids Autumn(15), Collin(11), and Kaylee(8). I think I was put on this earth to do two things. Be a father and Make this world a better place, by solving problems one good idea at a time. The crazy part is I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I live life by the seat of the pants, just trying to live and learn by solving any problems as they come down the pipe. It’s been a rough ride these past 33 years. But hey, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

I guess the greatest thing that I’ve done right so far was my children. My kids love me just as much as I love them. I think that’s one of the most important things a person can do, is love their children. You have to show them the world and how cool it can be. Of course, you also have to show them the evils out there, so they can be prepared for anything that comes their way. (You should be the one to teach them, ’cause If you don’t, you don’t even want to think about who will.)

But above all, it is up to you to show them what makes this world a wonderful place to live in. No one is born with knowledge, so if your kids have to learn everything they need to live in this world, why can’t you be one of their teacher’s? (Trust me they are learning from you no matter what.) Notice I said, “one of their teacher’s”, that’s because it really does take a village to raise a child. You can’t teach them everything by yourself, but I say, let school teach them the boring stuff, and leave all the cool stuff up to me and family.

Since my kids where babies I’ve taken them to parks, museums, zoo’s, camping, float trips, bike rides, nature walks, Magic house’s, theme parks, beaches, pools, national monuments, and even Mc Donald’s play place, lol. It didn’t matter where we went we made it fun and learned something along the way. Sometimes the lesson we all learned had nothing to do with the place we went, but hey at least we learned something.

I don’t always have the extra money to pay for admissions to cool places, but I try to think of something just as cool to do even if we’re broke at the time. They are only going to be young once, and I want to enjoy their youth as much as they get to. I think that by doing things with my kids whenever we get a chance is teaching them how to have fun the right way.

I try to find really cool parks out of they way and then we will explore them like we are the first people to every discover it. I love taking the kids for long bike rides on paved paths through woods. We love to stop and explore the trails, to a kid it’s like an adventure.

When we aren’t going places, we play games of all kinds, board games, game systems, computer games, they’ve got some pretty cool games out there now-a-days, for all ages, even adults. It is important to get on a kids level, so they can get to know you as much as you get to know them.

If it’s nasty outside or all else fails we will search the internet, for videos or cool websites. My favorite “boring buster” is Stumbleupon.com. This website shows you cool sites by your interests. It takes you to the highest user rated websites pertaining to one interest or all of your interests at once. If you find a cool new site, you like it by giving a thumbs up, and you can also save it in a custom list for later. You talk about hours of entertainment, I can search the technology and history interest’s (2 of my favorites interest’s among others) for hours on end. When you put the kids in the mix look out, who knows what cool new website is going to pop up next.

You have to show them what’s cool out there and let them decide for themselves what they love to do. Once they know what they love in life, it’s up to you to encourage them to find out more about it. Show them how to search for the things that they love, that are fun, and make them feel good. Odds are, they will find someone else that loves whatever it is they’re into and then they’ve met a friend, and what’s better than doing something you love to do with a friend that loves it too.

To me, life is about being happy. And it’s so much more fun when your happy with friends and family than all by yourself. So if you have the chance, make your kids happy by do something fun. They’re only kids for so long, and it’s your responsibility to teach them to be the best they can be, so you might as well make it fun!

Hopefully when That final day comes for me, I’ve put more smiles on faces than I did frown’s. Good Night and God Bless!

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